November 8, 2009

Wyrd minis in progress

At MOAB my friends at Mainly Medieval had brought along lots of stuff for the new Malifaux game, with all the starter sets to choose from it was hard to pick a faction so for the moment I had a dig through my unpainted collection and found all the Wyrd stuff I already had and cleaned em all up, Pandora was a damn tricky one to clean up and assemble, I got inspired to do a nice fancy pentagram base carved into a slab of plaster and for Lillith I used a cast of Linka molds brickwork and sculpted up some tentacles bursting from the sewers bellow.

Lady Hammerstrike V1 & 2

Sorry about the ages between updates, I didn't want to show off how my GD entries had finished up before the finals.

So here's something else Lady Hammerstrike version 1 I rushed a while ago for a small Wyrd mini comp.

and for MOAB to boost entry numbers I thought I'd take another go at redoing her. Turned out I redid the skin, arm, hair pants tops and base. Only thing that stayed the same is the bottom part of the pants.

September 22, 2009

Dreadnought progress - WIP

Been working on the metal areas of the dread since they required a lot of drybrushing layers and layers plus lots of washes.

Pretty happy with the banner so far. Still needs a name on there and the blue to be made to look like cloth. Still undecided what to paint on the back. Should it be blue as well or cream?

I needed a break from metals so did most of this guy quickly, he still needs his skin done.


Saw on Frothers someone had the idea to convert plastic bloodletters into Aliens' Aliens. I had to try it out for my plans to pimp out my old copy of Space Hulk with EM4 Colonial Marines and proper Aliens. Of course a day after I did this the new version of Space Hulk was announced. Kinda killed off the project, ah well I'll still do these up as Aliens as I have time.

September 17, 2009

Dreadnought Banner - WIP

Worked on the banner last night, I'm trying to get the look of the heraldry being embroidered onto the banner. Not sure if the effect is too large to work properly. Seems to work at a short distance away.

The desert yellow base is given a wash of devlin mud for initial shading.

I start adding the embroidery lines on the eagle with yellow then white mixed with yellow then straight white.

Now I've done the skull and Ultra symbols. The Ultra starting from Space Wolf Grey and working up to white, the skull from a light coffee brown up to white.

A few layers of shading is added to the eagle give more of a gold look using several washes.

That's it for now, lots more to go.

September 11, 2009

Dreadnought Base - WIP

Got to work on the dreadnought finally. Messy stuff always needs to be done 1st so I started with the base which involved a fair bit of drybrushing and washes, and individually painting all those tiles.

I'm pretty happy with the way the stone work has a concrete colouring to it and a good level of dirtiness to it.

edit: Here's the paints I used to paint the concrete

basically it was a series of drybrushes followed by picking up the edges carefully with white.

September 6, 2009

Greenskins WIP

Finally got started on painting some of my greenskins for this years GD. Got started on the skin on all of them and got one gretchin done in the 1st day of painting.

August 9, 2009

Watchtower - Painted

Had a very busy day of grinding away at base resin castings, so much resin dust gahhh. Thought I'd try and get all my pirate bases done in one go to get me motivated on getting my pirates done. So after I primed them I got to work on the bases of the jacks sitting on my desk and the tower since they are all timber.

Went with a dark base then 3 goes of drybrushing lighter browns then some quick shading with GW washes to deepen the tones and darken the joins. I think it works as a quick method to do timber.





August 3, 2009


Got out the dremel today to work on this kit I picked up a couple months ago of a nice classic style watchtower. I want it to fit in with my pirate terrain so I engraved decking flooring and roof and covered it in wood grain. A total pain in the wrist to do but I got it all done then cut up and assembled in a day so yay. Will try and get it painted tommorow. Got my recent warjack primed too so will start on him as well.