July 28, 2008

Wharehouse assembled

Got some work done on that little wharehouse, finally drybrushed all the wood parts and got around to tiling the roof, man it takes ages to do those tiles, either you have to take your time cutting long strips of tiles or in gluing on individual ones, either way it takes ages. I've gotten it base coated since I took the pics so just need to wait for it to dry then drybrush it.

Since I built a floor in there and made the roof removable I may as well put stuff in there so I've got some wooden crates in there.

July 26, 2008

Progress on Tim

bit of progress with some late night painting last night. He's still got a fair bit of detail stuff to go though.

July 25, 2008

More loot

Instead of getting what I have painted I add yet more to the gigantic pirates horde ;)

Look at the stuff that arrived today

This is the Blue Moon Manufacturing - Things that go bump in the night - Colonial American civilians box set. The odd circle bases fit in the middle of warmachine bases thankfully, though they'll still look a bit odd with that lip at the edge. I really wanted the governor style guys.

This is 4 packs of Crusader USA pirates range. They are a bit shorter than my other pirates but not by much.

Here are the 3 packs of Artizan pirates, I love that they have a perfect Mr Gibs and Mr Smee. They have oddly tiny feet in this range.

Here's the new packs of Royal marines along with the ones I already had. Now I need to add bayonets to the older ones.

July 24, 2008

RGM - Real Glossy Metalics

Some slow progress on the party

with the dragon born I had the idea to make it look like he has laquered armour so painted Tamiya clear red over the middle of the plate sections on top of the drybrushed boltgun metal. The shield was really fiddly.

not much done on here yet

had a fun time doing the inebriated face of the dwarf

still lots to go with Tim but he'll be fun with the lighting effects from the flame

BWAHAHAHHAHA Twisted Evil Got a bunch of lasercut flame markers from Litko in my order from FRP Games (online shop with a huge selection)

July 22, 2008

Red Coats are coming

Work on another of the Red Coats, this time some chop job converting on the odd one in the pack that looks like he's just found a cutlas "Look Sir Droid Pirates"

I cut the gun away from his hand and leg, then cut away the right hand, drilled a hole through it then spread out the fingers. Then glued it back on horizontal and after cutting away a bit of the shoulder and the corner of his hat to get a tight fit glued the gun into an at shoulder position resting in the now open palm. On the other side 1st I cut off the hand with sword, that will get used for sure by someone else. Then cut off the arm at the shoulder. Then cut the raised shoulder down with clippers and sanded it down. Then I pinned the arm into position so it was the right length.

Now for the green stuff. I put a thumb back onto the right hand. Fixed the corner of his hat against the rifle. Then sculpted a new upper left arm and hand.

I've glued on a barrel extension now from plastic rod but am waiting on the 2nd pack of marines to arrive before I make some bayonets to match and glue that on. I think he's a good guard next to the gate pose now.

July 21, 2008

Gallows and Redcoat

Small update. Finished off the gallows yesterday, tried out a few of the new GW washes to paint the victim. They are basically paint mixed with matt medium, seem quite useful.

the red coat I painted this morning. Have a squad of them to use as town guards/ navy crew. Not sure if I should base them with cobblestones or with decking like everyone else.

July 18, 2008

D&D Minis

The party assembles. The DM found a perfect mini for the mostly drunk dwarf warlock in an old Reaper priest mini. The female warlock is a newer sorcerous with a bit of a conan vibe. New elf ranger is nice for our hired on ranger.

For the warlocks they are both carrying around scythes, note carrying not actually using Confused I cut off the hammer head on the dwarf and on the sorceror the top of the staff. I used a couple very old plastic skelly scythe blades from the bits box and then to dress em up sculpted on some skulls on the back of the blades to make em a bit dressy. Lastly I decided I wasn't happy with the scroll and skull on Tim so lopped off his hands a using some more bits turned some spear shafts into a new staff topped by the ball from the sorceress' staff, for the right hand I glued in some wire and sculpted an open hand full of a ball of fire stretched back for a throw. Gives me something fun to paint in some lighting effects.

July 14, 2008

A small wharehouse

Been working on another kit building. Did a lot of engraving on this one as it had a neat log cabin sort of look printed on it which looked nice but of course that wouldn't show once painted. It was a small windmill kit but it's going to be a small warehouse, thus the open window with crane above it.

think the pulley made from circles cut from the end of coffee stirrers and wire worked out well.

with the Tudor style I thought I'd try painting the parts separately and then glue them together.

I rebuilt the platform it originally had to fit a mini with base on it and then made new stairs from paddlepop sticks.

the roof overhangs a fair bit because the original roof angle was about 55 degrees which was extreme, especially next to my 30 degree roofs. I cut it back to 45 degrees.

Finally a tiny bit of progress on the lighthouse, found this vending machine toy egg container which was perfect for the top. Not sure if I should paint it smooth or cover it in small tiles.

I was going to build a mini base fitting platform on the top but it would have ended up very goofy looking so I will just add a railing to the top that is already there and live with no snipers getting up there.

The lower platform had a railing but I think it was a bit clumsy looking so will do a new sleeker one with more posts from match sticks. Was considering covering the deck in stirrers to look like decking but it may suffice just all painted brown.

July 13, 2008

D&D Minis

We recently started playing 4th edition D&D. The party had one of the new race a Dragonborn in it but there aren't many choices for minis for them available yet. So I dug through the old minis collection found an old Chronopia ogre that wasn't going to be painted any time soon and off with his head. A head from a small DnD prepaint dragon and here he is after some necessary green stuff work.

for my own character I took some obvious inspiration