March 4, 2009

Bloodbowl Playboy Bunnies con't

Took Paintploddy's advice and added feathers to the front of the neck, think it has much improved the look

also added a bit more lip since I had left over green

Got the star player glued together, now to get back to painting (gah there's so many of them)

and here is a Bunny I prepared earlier (3-4 years ago)

now I just have to paint up all the rest of them.

March 3, 2009

Bloodbowl Playboy Bunnies

The gaming club over at UTS has gotten interested in Blood Bowl since one of the members bought the box set so I've dug out my old team of neglected shadowforge playboy bunnies and hit them with some primer. Looking through the latest version of the rules I noticed they brought back a bunch of the old chainsaw wielding loonies Twisted Evil and that the Amazon team (which I planned to use for the bunnies) can have one of them Very Happy so went about converting one of the bunnies.

I went with the come here pose bunny for a start

1st I needed a chainsaw, I started with a chaos marine double sided chainsword, and joined it with a resin cast of some gribbly with gears and stuff which I cut the back corner off to get a chainsaw body shape. The grips are wire bent around, I bulked up the back grip a bit to get it looking square.

I then started on the mini. I cut off the head to get it facing the right way so pinned it in the right position, then started bending the arms around to where I wanted them, this required some cutting and extending considering the shoulder position on the right arm. While sculpting in the new upper arm I also sculpted on some long hair to fill the back of the neck. The left arm i initially cut from the hip and lifted up but after a while I realized what an awkward pose it was so bent and twisted it around with some pliers to get a more natural pose.

Last night I cleaned up all the mess left by the pliers and filled in all the gauges and details like elbow and shoulder blade with more green stuff. The hand needed fixing too since they'd been squished a bit during all the twisting into the right pose.

Now it just needs gluing together and maybe some detail on the back of the chainsaw.

While I was working on her I used up the extra mixed green stuff to make a Blood Bowl coin from a poker chip. Considering the lame cardboard one that comes with the box I thought this would be a bit nicer.

I think the orc side came out better than the eagle side but it will have to do. I may make a 2nd one anyway.