August 28, 2014

Another YT-1300 Conversion

Back with more repaints and conversions

1st up another YT-1300 conversion I did on commission

He wanted the cockpit to be a bit higher and for me not to cut off the bottom mandible in the middle since that is supposed to be where cargo goes in, though I've never been clear how. After these shots though I also took off the piping detail and filled in the pit to the right of the cockpit so it's a much smoother ship than the normal one.

Was nice painting something to a very exact scheme, the guy photoshopped the pattern he wanted over a drawing of the ship from the Haynes manual. i think it turned out quite striking.

with my freighter fleet of flying hamburgers

August 16, 2014

Imperial Transport - converted Gundam model kit #2

The beast is painted. Lots of airbrushing, then lots of drybrushing then a bit of washes and detailing.

And now somewhere between Bespin and the Core worlds...


The Rebellion makes off with that valuable Tibana gas

I'm a bit undecided if it also needs some brand labelling in Aurabesh on the tanks. Anyone have a good idea for a logo to put on it?

August 14, 2014

Imperial Transport - converted Gundam model kit #1

Hi again. The latest starship off my cutting mat shipyards is this Tibana gas heavy transport. A ship I've had sitting around unpainted for a while since it caught my eye while I was shopping new anime figures.

It's meant to be some weird rocket booster ship for a Gundam but something about the shape appealed to me especially after I saw the big fuel tanks that clip underneath. I thought they'd look cool on top instead. Of course I had no idea at all how big the ship would be so it was a bit of a gamble.

So as you can see I was working on this big guy while I was doing the armored YT-1300. It got the same treatment for surface detail. Lots of scribing in lines where I could fit a ruler to scribe against then lots of random plastic sheet bits and rod and bits of tubing. Also I had to make a round mounting socket for an acrylic base.

August 13, 2014

Armored Hull YT-1300 Conversion #5 Finished

All Done. After some drybrushing over the red areas I thinned down some Army Painter Dark Tone with acrylic extender and washed the whole ship then wiped off as many big panels as I could to leave the shading. That's why it's still shiny in some areas like the access pits, I really hope that stuff actually dries eventually and hopefully not shiny. Then lots of rust streaks and strong tone streaks then cleaning up the occasional panel that had gotten too dark before adding paint chips to the red and some grey worn down to metal chipped areas. She's a touch darker than my other two YTs but I'm pretty happy with the result. I may have to add some more stains to the regular Falcon.

Some more finished photos on my space mat.

- Side note you may well have seen my ship in some other places before, I'm kinda archiving my FFG forum posts here, also I've been lazy not updating the blog so I'm trying to catch up on a lot of painting projects.

x wing conversions

or possibly on the tabletop if you play in the Sydney area as I've been using the ship as Chewie's pimped out armored ride.