July 14, 2008

A small wharehouse

Been working on another kit building. Did a lot of engraving on this one as it had a neat log cabin sort of look printed on it which looked nice but of course that wouldn't show once painted. It was a small windmill kit but it's going to be a small warehouse, thus the open window with crane above it.

think the pulley made from circles cut from the end of coffee stirrers and wire worked out well.

with the Tudor style I thought I'd try painting the parts separately and then glue them together.

I rebuilt the platform it originally had to fit a mini with base on it and then made new stairs from paddlepop sticks.

the roof overhangs a fair bit because the original roof angle was about 55 degrees which was extreme, especially next to my 30 degree roofs. I cut it back to 45 degrees.

Finally a tiny bit of progress on the lighthouse, found this vending machine toy egg container which was perfect for the top. Not sure if I should paint it smooth or cover it in small tiles.

I was going to build a mini base fitting platform on the top but it would have ended up very goofy looking so I will just add a railing to the top that is already there and live with no snipers getting up there.

The lower platform had a railing but I think it was a bit clumsy looking so will do a new sleeker one with more posts from match sticks. Was considering covering the deck in stirrers to look like decking but it may suffice just all painted brown.

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