July 18, 2008

D&D Minis

The party assembles. The DM found a perfect mini for the mostly drunk dwarf warlock in an old Reaper priest mini. The female warlock is a newer sorcerous with a bit of a conan vibe. New elf ranger is nice for our hired on ranger.

For the warlocks they are both carrying around scythes, note carrying not actually using Confused I cut off the hammer head on the dwarf and on the sorceror the top of the staff. I used a couple very old plastic skelly scythe blades from the bits box and then to dress em up sculpted on some skulls on the back of the blades to make em a bit dressy. Lastly I decided I wasn't happy with the scroll and skull on Tim so lopped off his hands a using some more bits turned some spear shafts into a new staff topped by the ball from the sorceress' staff, for the right hand I glued in some wire and sculpted an open hand full of a ball of fire stretched back for a throw. Gives me something fun to paint in some lighting effects.

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