July 22, 2008

Red Coats are coming

Work on another of the Red Coats, this time some chop job converting on the odd one in the pack that looks like he's just found a cutlas "Look Sir Droid Pirates"

I cut the gun away from his hand and leg, then cut away the right hand, drilled a hole through it then spread out the fingers. Then glued it back on horizontal and after cutting away a bit of the shoulder and the corner of his hat to get a tight fit glued the gun into an at shoulder position resting in the now open palm. On the other side 1st I cut off the hand with sword, that will get used for sure by someone else. Then cut off the arm at the shoulder. Then cut the raised shoulder down with clippers and sanded it down. Then I pinned the arm into position so it was the right length.

Now for the green stuff. I put a thumb back onto the right hand. Fixed the corner of his hat against the rifle. Then sculpted a new upper left arm and hand.

I've glued on a barrel extension now from plastic rod but am waiting on the 2nd pack of marines to arrive before I make some bayonets to match and glue that on. I think he's a good guard next to the gate pose now.

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