June 8, 2008

Pyrats, a Hanging and the Lighthouse

A friend sent me a link to this rather awesome Pirate animation, quite short, but full of awesome and lots of nice town reference.

which goes well with these gallows I made during the week

I got the hanging man from Megaminis along with a bunch of furniture and chickens and animals to dress up the town. Needed a full platform to make it look good though. I built this from coffee stirrers, paddlepop sticks and matchsticks and balsa wood.

Next on the projects list was the old windmill, I pulled it apart cut out all the horrible windows and redid them using match sticks cut to fit. Then assemble the thing and glued it up and started plaster filling the gaps and texturing the walls

I think I will deck over the platform and then I need to design a platform for on top and make the light house part.

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