May 27, 2008

Started Pirate Town

Haven't done much with the jacks lately but have been maiking a heap of terrain for them to bounce around.

Was at the markets and had a look at the stall that sells those wooden puzzle construction toys. There was a really small house that caught my attention. For a start it seemed a good size, secondly the roof was hinged for some reason that let you open it up. I thought hey that's a great way to get minis in and out without having to have a removable roof. To top it off it was only $10 for 3 of the kits.

this is the kit.

I assembled it as per vague instructions but as you can see I assembled it reversed, mostly just to see if I could since I have 2 more to build I didn't want them all identical. I rushed the gluing process somewhat by just supergluing it all together rather than use PVA. The door has been left off and the hole for it heightened since it was too short for a mini to fit. I used a few bits of scrap to build a new door frame. The windows have had bits of 1cm square plastic mesh inserted and glued into place (a random thought I had while sitting on the varanda and noticing the mesh at the bottom of the railing). Finally the rather boring task of adding tonnes of roof shingles from cardboard.

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