June 26, 2009

Daemon Prince of Khorne of the World Eaters - Golden Demon Entry

This is a bit of a long post since I took a fair few pics of this fellow as I was making him. He was entered in the Golden Demons Australia competition back in 2004, the last of the Games Day GD events, and won me a silver in 40K Large.

Here's his start with a fair bit of green stuff. I ground down the left shoulder plate and sculpted on a mouth with a lot of teeth and a new trim with arrow points. I trimmed back his hanging guts and sculpted in a Khorne belt buckle. I sculpted on the large skull on his left hand. I added extra horns to his head and redid the top of his head. I also added grenades, swords in scabbards, the little pelt cape hanging from his shoulder all from the bits box.

The teeth on the ground down shoulder took a couple goes before I was happy with the result.

It took me a few goes painting the planet in the mouth as well. 2nd time worked out much better.


  1. Sir, your webpage on geocities is about to expire on october, there is wonderful necromunda stuff there, do you plan on saving that webpage and place it elsewhere? (google pages maybe)

  2. Don't worry I've already backed up the old website locally and plan to either repost the old pics or take new ones.

  3. Awesome stuff. I too would like to see new pics of the Necromunda stuff. :)