February 15, 2011


Been working on this one for a while. It was actually the 1st building designed for Aetherworks but ended up taking me ages to getting around to. I experimented a bit on this one with my very old airbrush and brand new air compressor laying down the initial shading on the coloured areas of the building. I kinda went too dark though and the building was too pink rather than faded red so it took a fair few washes over the top the soften the shaded areas and to fix the colour more to my liking. After that I painted all the trim areas and door and window frames then added some good old Devlin mud for shading then drybrushed them with white. I experimented a bit in masking the building walls while doing all the drybrushing, I think it helped a bit, same goes for the floor boards which were several shades of brown. I think I may go back and put some scaled posters on the walls sometime but I'm pretty happy with the result at the moment. It looks like a good start to a street butted up against the General Store.


  1. Stunning stuff there, Rob. How did you wash the walls? I always get incredibly runny results when I wash large terrain pieces, and I'm wondering how a pro does it ;)

  2. Well it wasn't exactly a non runny method either. I just mixed a fair amount of water and paint and used a wide flat brush to do a wall at a time, with the building on it's side so the surface I was glazing was the upper flat surface, that way the wash didn't run everywhere and I could get a fairly even coat.

    The usual problem you get with doing washes on large pieces is when you try and do all of it at once, the wash ends up running together and it all pools in a mess. Tackling a section at a time can usually avoid most of that hassle.

  3. Really nice- I love the fade effects you put to use there!