July 8, 2013

Hoffman Avatar of Voltron... I mean Amalgamation WIP

I finally got my hands on the crazy Avatar version of C. Hoffman on Saturday :)

 photo IMG_3673_zps7d76d21e.jpg

Here he is all on one well packed sprue. I clipped off all the parts and got to sanding off mold lines.

 photo IMG_3681_zpsdee0f5d0.jpg

to match the rest of my crew I had to work out where to put in some gems. 1st obvious spot was to drill the eyes out of the face.

 photo IMG_3679_zps3d43e009.jpg

I used a round rotary bit on the back of the mask to open up the eyes area to fit in the smallest of my green gems.

 photo 666a4d4f-f83a-4e6d-a2b7-156461fc4330_zps2528b27a.jpg

They fit in nicely. I'll glue them in place after painting the mask.

 photo IMG_3678_zps63e0ae09.jpg

The chest of the robot already had a sculpted gem in the middle of it's chest continuing the Iron Man look of the other robots. I drilled this out then used rotary bits and a knife blade to expand the hole big enough to fit the largest of gems I have. I went a bit deep drilling though so had to fill it back up a bit with a cut off bit of sprue.

 photo IMG_3683_zps36fe8a4a.jpg

There it fits in just right.

After the converting I kept cleaning parts and glued him into his stock pose.

 photo IMG_3698_zpsf3cdda55.jpg

 photo IMG_3700_zps39d266cd.jpg

 photo IMG_3695_zps449891e6.jpg

 photo IMG_3701_zps28d4ae4b.jpg

 photo IMG_3702_zps82504460.jpg

He really is quite a beast. Nice presence on the table. The only dissapointments I have is the plastic version of C.Hoffman seems less defined and a bit weedy compared to his metal version. Not that keen on him just being kinda strapped to the robot's arm either. Lastly The design of the feet is a bit weird, and more importantly, doesn't really fit on the top of the base. Surely the sculpter knew what size base this would be going on, yet the very fragile claw tipped feet look destined to get hooked on stuff in carry cases and break off. They also seem very flat which I don't like very much. Maybe I will think of something that extends over the lip of the base for him to stand on or I will redesign his feet.

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