August 28, 2013

Pre detailed plastic bases by Champ Industries

In the back of my mind for years now was some cool bases I always thought would go well with my Colonial Marines I'd seen a review from Dr Faust's Painting Clinic (remember him?) Of course my marines were in the back of the cupboard at the time... 

With the revival of my project with all the new vehicles and lovely Hasslefree guns got me thinking about how to base all the models. I was considering the rather nice Sulaco bases by Fenris Games but being resin it gets rather pricey. But I remembered to look up Champ Industries again and see what they had on offer. After a simple paypal transaction my order was off and a week and a bit later they arrived in Oz.

 photo IMG_5383_zpsa4fe23fd.jpg

I ordered a big bag of 150 industrial bases which will see out all my marines, aliens, and probably any Infinity stuff I do in the near future. I also grabbed 30 of the urban bases for zombie survivors and stuff, though I think it would fit 40K stuff pretty well or Infinity.

 photo IMG_5384_zps70cead47.jpg

Here are the 4 different Industrial designs. I flipped a row to let you see how the facing changes the look. 

 photo IMG_5385_zps18b5f7cd.jpg

Here are the 3 different Urban designs.

 photo IMG_5386_zps3f010c08.jpg

And with some minis blutacked on to see how they look, I think I invested pretty well in these. It's kind of surprising but apart from the occasional pre detailed base by GW no one else out there has made plastic pre done bases. The detail is very crisp and unlike resin bases you still have the void at the bottom of the base so they sit on the table really easily you can also use plastic glue to stick down plastic minis instead of pinning down with super glue. Dr Faust seemed to think you can get away with just super glueing down metal minis without pinning as well, I'll give it a try.


  1. Jeez these are nice, and economical. A pity I have about 285,765,492,028 of the regular round bases kicking around, it makes it hard to justify ordering any of these.

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