July 31, 2014

It's been a while, I'm not dead

It's about time I got back to writing stuff so I shall be posting up a heap of lovely X-wing stuff that I got totally hooked on playing and then started repainting cause I couldn't help myself :D I've also recently been doing up those Dystopian Wars fleets I picked up a year ago. My FSA is one model from being finished and the Russians, well I'm lacking in inspiration a bit there but the carrier is done and the rest are all started. Also my ALIENS project has not died. It was kind of T-boned by the AVP kickstarter, I was putting so much effort into converting and hunting down models and then this new official game came along and kind of let the wind out of my sails on doing up my own stuff. I've recently returned to painting up the Colonial Marines with their way too much camo. Also been doing much smaller marines in the form of a small Dropzone Commander force a mate gave me to knock out to see what they'd turn out like. Also been trying to finish up a few Malifaux models I've had lying around in a half done state for too long.

Would you like to know more...

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