May 13, 2009

Bling Dreadnought, Part 15

Back again. A normal person would have had this thing painted by now, but I keep adding stuff.

I took advice from you guys and glued on some plastic card to the back of the base to get a smooth finish. Then had to putty it up a fair bit and file back since the curve wasn't quite the smoothest due to the bricks behind it.

So after a few days of putty it, wait to dry, sand back, putty it again, etc. I'm happy with the finish now. So decided to get it over with and glue down the legs.

Figured it was best to be extra secure so used some thick floral wire and drilled all the way through to the bottom of the base rather than risk only being glued to the plaster. I glue the feet down 1st then put some green stuff in the sockets and then superglued on the legs so I got a very secure feeling bond.

After that I finally got around to adding the actuators I mentioned ages ago. These are all made from plastic rod and plastic tube. I had to have the legs and feet fixed in position 1st to get these right.

and here's what it looks like with the leg armour back on.

Finally all the parts pulled apart into subsections ready to get primed.

And yes I still don't know what else to put on the base. The dozens of shells idea is still my current fave. The dead bullet riddled body idea though good often looks incredibly tacky and frankly there isn't that much space on the base to put a body.

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