March 8, 2010

Ork Warboss - con't

I really should have posted the rest of these pics months ago, guess in the post GD burnout I just forgot, or didn't want to think about it. Anyway here is how he turned out.

here I've made a display base using cork sheet, plaster casts from link stonework molds and some coffee stirrers for floorboards.

I painted the grot 1st up then pinned him down.

I stained the floorboards with GW washes and also painted the bricks with the washes as well after giving them a few drybrushes up from grey to white. Quite happy with the red brick effect I got doing it this way.

Here's the big guy's head, figured it was best to paint seperately so I could still paint the rest of the body without it in the way.

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