March 2, 2010

Tank Girl

Did this model long ago when it was easy to find Necromunda minis and it was obvious that the club wielding Escher juve was based off Tank Girl. I took a 1/35 scale tank kit and kit bashed on jet engines and spoilers and bigger guns and extended the turret, and did my 1st bit of sculpting making the little mascot guy on the front. The movie was terrible but fun and I had to have my own version.


  1. not sure if thats your only one you have of this item or if you could make another but how much would it cost to get one of these made. This would make for a perfect gift for a very close friend of mine.

  2. Attempting to kit bash my own out of a model I found. Love yours!

  3. Just watched the movie again. Love your creation! Very well done!