October 14, 2011

Post Games Day & MOAB loot

I totally forgot to post about Games Day and MOAB this year. At the very last minute a generous fellow from OzPainters gave me a spare ticket to Games Day so I got it into my head to try and rush an Armies on Parade board. On one hand it was a stirring of inspiration I haven't had all year for GW stuff on the other hand it was madness to try and rush it in one day. I'll post up pics of the board in the next post. In the mean time here's my loot from the weekend. I was a lot more reserved in my spending than most years (damn mortgage)I also had Dreadfleet ordered from mailorder (wish I'd bought it at MOAB instead).

If you are wondering about the White Dwarf in the back I got it signed by the Perry Twins

that's them with my Wax 5 (it now has magical powers of sculpting)

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