October 25, 2011

Rushed Army on Parade board

At the last minute I managed to get a ticket to games day from a very generous fellow OzPainter and after a poke from Numbat I got it in my head to rush an army on parade board to try for a wild card entry into the comp. I started with a big sheet of 12mm MDF from Bunnings which I had cut into 2 60cm x 60cm boards.

I already had a bunch of GW terrain mostly done from recent efforts so figured I had enough to fill a board.

that was the basic layout guestimated and traced onto the board. I surrounded the terrain bits with slate then covered the board with sand and stuff.

many hours of painting and drybrushing later

few orky baracade sections after rusting up and a metallic drybrush, they add a nice amount of detail, still have to pick out all the skulls and skellies and stuff

rusty spiky columns

getting there, still a lot of skulls to pick out and a heap of grass to add.

so many skulls and skeletons

after all the grass flock

Here's the board on the day. Unfortunately I stayed up way too late getting the board done and didn't make it in time to get enough votes. Oh well.