December 29, 2014

Attackers from MARS 1st squad of Martians painted

10389409_10152330735200951_1944176647372839165_n I got an early go at the Mars Attacks Martians from a demo kit to be shown off at PAX Australia back at the start of November. Very rush job getting buildings and minis done but they were fun little buggers to paint once you got past the sanding off mold lines. They're quite finely scaled minis a lot like Infinity minis. 10710799_10152330737125951_4642951643306930234_n 1376540_10152330737525951_5732552772928146210_n those skull faces take a bit of effort but really show through the helmets well, though they are fiddly to put on since they are vac formed instead of cast plastic. They need some trimming and gluing down with PVA. 10518637_10152330737220951_6184138097528669509_n 604104_10152330736865951_319047225902149468_n 10273315_10152331232805951_3928851809100263668_o 10537212_10152331233140951_8031543436238017843_o the USCM do not approve.

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  1. I love that they came with little clear dome helmets. They make them look just perfect.