April 27, 2015

All Zentraudi fully assembled & What does Robotech look like with Nscale Tomytec buildings

Yay all the pods are done Yatta! So many hours of cleaning all the guns and thrusters. Also marathoned through Robotech MACROSS Saga, MACROSS movie: Do you remember love and MACROSS Frontier and movies :) helped keep me building.

Now onto how do the mechs look next to the larger scale N scale buildings that my neighbour owns? answer really nice :)


  1. Buildings and Mechs work well together don't they.

  2. Yeah watching the show again many of it's most iconic fighting that you remember is fighting amongst the city around the SDF1 at the start or later relocated inside the ship later. Almost every mecha show has had space battles since then but the close up fighting in a city is still a very Macross thing, be it Macross, Macross Plus or Macross Frontier.

  3. Are these Kato buildings?
    Quite a cool set-up.