April 2, 2015

Noh Empire Part 2 - Painting the big Fu Dog

Been painting heaps but forgetting to post more pics

got all the skin done on Kasaro To, have to do up his armour

Fu Dog primed Tamiya brown

then sprayed copper

then Game Air Glorious Gold which is a very nice gold I must say, I tried to spray areas zenithally, leaving copper in the shadow areas

next spraying the red glowing areas then I obviously didn't take photos for the next hour or 2

Here the head has been shaded, highlighted some. The eyes have been painted in, some glow around it and the chin and tail have been sprayed like flame.

base glow under the Relic's chest vents

still need to do a heap of shading on the body and paint the steal parts but it's getting there.

and starting on some more figs

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