May 14, 2015

Mice & Mystic painting the rats

After doing all the very individual hero mice the rats were quite different being basically all identical. I followed an approach I'd seen others use in doing half as black rats to use as elite rats in some missions and the rest as brown rats for the mooks.

Like the mice I sprayed some brown over the black prime and the others were sprayed grey to get some quick zenithal highlighting. Then since the fur was much more pronounced than the mice I could easily drybrush the fur.

I then painted the hands, feet, ears, lips and tail in skin tone before using GW red was to shade. Then highlighted with flesh again. Then painted the eyes, teeth and all the armour and belts black before painted them up and shading them with army painter strong tone.

I'm not one to so much in the way of troop painting techniques but I was very happy with these quick results.

Also show off how I got the painted minis to fit in the box

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