May 13, 2015

Painting Mice & Mystics the Heroes

Continuing on from the nasty bugs I worked on the hero mice of the game. These were fun to do and I did a couple heroes a day as I plowed through them. I either sprayed zenithal Tamiya brown or grey over the black to get started. Was a lot of painting hair strokes all over the mice, I didn't actually drybrush them.

Bit of seeing how they look on the tiles then back to the mage and cleric

Woo all done, these were really easy to paint up being such nice characters, I wish the mage was more colourful but I was matching the character card from the game. 

Next the rats.


  1. Hi Really nice work.

    Would you mind describing how you achieved the base effect.


  2. Some of the bases were just the airbrushed brown from when I initially highlighted the minis. Others were fairly roughly wet blended and then all got a bit of edge highlighting to make them all look roughly the same.