May 20, 2017


Nice stagecoach kit from 4Ground with added horses, drivers and passengers from Dead Mans Hand. Always wanted a stagecoach to go with my wild west town and finally found this nice one at MOAB a couple years ago. Been on the toy do list for a while. Something made me pull it out and have a go. Despite being made of presprayed thin MDF I wanted the edges painted too, also sanded the main body to be a bit more curved so repainted the whole cabin and black parts.

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Stagecoach assembled and painted a bit. Added some masking tape for texture on the back part and added cardboard straps and buckles. Glued some metal base offcuts in the back luggage to counter the weight of the drivers. My only critique of the kit is the base is too small to fit the wagons wheels width, I had a new one cut for it from 3mm MDF.

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Might try printing a Wells Fargo banner to stick along the top rather than freehand the text and trim.

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