May 21, 2013

New goodies :)

Hasslefree recently had a May the 4th be with you sale so couldn't resist the timing of ordering a full squad of their very nice Colonial Marines (and Sally threw in a lollipop :) )

 photo IMG_3089_zps00d4d427.jpg

These will get to ride around in the new Caimen from Khurasan when they arrive. Also I may have 40 or so Copplestone and EM4/Grenadier Future Warriors Colonial Marines from many years ago. I really will have to try and do them all up. Then the challenge of finding or making a pile of appropriate Aliens for them to shoot at.

 photo IMG_2163-1_zps7f2b28a9.jpg

Oh I also recently got these rather nice minis from the Bombshell Babes kickstarter. I kind of wish I'd gotten more now, Oh well.

I also got a really bizarre plastic kit, I'll post that after I build it.

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