May 22, 2013

Painting Wild West Bases

I got a lot of comments about the bases as I've been painting my Hoffman crew so I thought I'd write up something about what colours I use as I do up the next couple bases.
   photo IMG_2932_zps1169de01.jpg

The starting point is a few bits of broken coffee stirres, some rocks, a couple plastic cacti from Pegasus Hobbies and a heap of sand.
   photo IMG_2955_zpscf18be26.jpg

This was given a spray of undercoat, in this case Army Painter undead flesh but white would do.
     photo IMG_3006_zpsa4524e1b.jpg

All the ground was basecoated with a nice earthy brown and the cacti with khaki. I actually used a sample pot of house paint for the brown since I had used it for my big base board for my Western town.

 photo IMG_3064_zps8815a881.jpg

Drybrushing: a sandy yellow over everything including the cacti.
   photo IMG_3065_zps922f3858.jpg

Next a very light drybrush of off white on the larger rocks.
   photo IMG_3066_zpsa1edff86.jpg

Next washes: a bit of Army Painter Soft Tone painted around the rocks and cacti to give a bit of depth. Also a bit here and there on the cacti.
   photo IMG_3069_zps4de5e1ba.jpg

Next some Thraka Green wash over the plants.
   photo IMG_3070_zps4d655577.jpg

Now some Strong Tone washes over the wood planks and a bit more defining around the rocks..
   photo IMG_3072_zps671fa402.jpg

Using a warm light grey I picked out the planks a bit for that weathered look.

 photo IMG_3075_zps2b076d2e.jpg

Now using grass tufts I give the bases some foliage. It's a good idea to have the minis on the base when you do this so you don't get the grass obscuring the figure.

 photo IMG_3077_zps3f84015d.jpg

All done.
   photo IMG_3079_zpsd2bc42c5.jpg

Finally paint the edge whatever colour you like, I've gone classic black. Now I just need to get the minis finished.

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