September 5, 2013

ALIENS more progress

More progress :D

As I mentioned before I sanded back the circles on the turrets to clean up their lines.

I also got in some Kotobukiya option parts from HLJ I figured was worth trying out for a few dollars. This kit is basically addon gatling gun muzzles. I figured the front guns on the Caimens needed improving from the 2 tubes they have now. The smallest gatling muzzle was slightly larger than the molded on guns so I put a short piece of plastic tubing over the regular guns and then glued the muzzles to those. I think it looks much more like the movie APC guns now.

Last night I dug through the cupboard and found where I had hidden all of these kits. The result:

A nice hanger backdrop for taking photos of the collection as it progresses.

I've also been digging through my library for reference stuff I collected over the years

Other new aquisitions. Infected bases from Secret Weapon (was playing X-wing for hours in the game store and felt like I should buy something)

and a new Merkava kit from Academy and from the back of the cupboard again an old cheap chinese kit also in 1/48 which may just be a scaled down 1/35 kit from Tamiya. Looking at the 2 kits I kind of think it's the better of the 2. Also an IG Valkyrie that I bought when they came out and never did anything with. I may do some gun swapping to de 40K it a bit.
So this is all good for the USCM but what about the aliens??

Barks came through for me selling me 14 Ozmade/Eureka Chaos Weasels which are damn difficult to photograph since they are so shiny and black. I'm not planning on repainting them at the moment but may rebase them to the Champ bases.

I think they do the job pretty well but I can't wait to get the LE xenos from Comsquare for a proper hoard :D

There is also the always impressive Konami Alien Queen figure. I also got a LE Queen which I am cleaning up and working out how to pin together and resculpt her broken off little arms.

Looks like the xenos have noticed you boys

dramatic zoom out...


  1. The little arms broke off your LE queen too? After the fiftieth time or so I stopped trying to fix them and just bagged them :(

  2. Compared to the much nicer Konami queen they appear very undersized as well. It wouldn't hurt to make new arms from wire and a but of green stuff