September 27, 2013

There's movement all over the place... ALIENS Continued

This signal's weird...must be
some interference or something.
There's movement all over the

Twelve meters. Man, this is a big
fucking signal. Ten meters.

They're right on us. Vasquez,
how you doing?

Vasquez is heedlessly showering herself with molten metal
as she welds the door shut. Working like a demon.

Nine meters. Eight.

Can't be. That's inside the room!

It's readin' right. Look!

Ripley fiddles with her tracker, adjusting the tuning.

Well you're not reading it right!

Six meters. Five. What the fu --

He looks at Ripley. It dawns on both of them at the same
time. She feels a cold premonitory dread as she angles
her tracker upward to the ceiling, almost overhead. The
tone gets louder.

Hicks climbs onto a file cabinet and raises a panel of
acoustic drop-ceiling. He shines his light inside.

You may have thought there had been no progress lately but I've been busy. I've been scouring ebay and forums chasing old Leading Edge Aliens, marines, doomed colonists and even the ever elusive power loader.

Thanks to Comsquare I was able to get a veritable hoard of LE Aliens and damn I am happy with them. They scale beautifully with the Eureka Chaos Weasels and look good with my 28mm marines.

From a local gaming club that runs the yearly MOAB convention I managed to trade some warmachine minis for this treasure trove. Considering my failed attempts to get the Power Loader on ebay I can't thank this guy enough. Seems they'd been tucked away in zip lock bags for the last decade so he was happy for them to go to a good home :D

Despite the standing marines from LE being somewhat squished proportions 25mm the Riply in the Power Loader is 28mm and totally in scale with my marines.

Speaking of LE marines I got a handful of them off ebay for £1 each while I was being outbid on aliens and a power loader.. (and I notice I forgot to upload their photo. Doh I'll edit this later to put them in) Odd thing about them is their scale isn't really 25mm well that's their height but if you compare them waist up they are the same as 28mm but with even chunkier heads, all the small scale part of them seems to be in the legs. I'm semi tempted to give them new legs or mod them. Since I don't have many flamers and I somehow ended up with 4 characters with flamers. The Bishop I got was missing his feet so he will get a bit of sculpting done to make him stand taller. The colonists last stand set minis are weirder still being more like 30mm minis but in funny poses or being dragged off by an alien (love that mini).

Back to my marines I got it in my head that their helmets weren't enough like the movie ones so I decided to add those plates to the front of all of them...

a bunch of gluing on then cleaning up plastic strips later. Since then I've been so very slowly filing off all the damn mold lines and getting them primed a group at a time.

I got this idea to print out sheets of the badges the marines wore on their uniforms, all about 2-3mm in size since I don't look forward to painting a US flag that size on every uniform shoulder so printed lots of them but had room left on the paper so decided to pimp up their carry case too

Also built these on the weekend. Why Merkavas you might ask. Well in the Colonial Marines Technical there is this little illustration

Which is obviously a Merkava with a funky gun and some add ons on top of the turret.

The Academy kit was really easy to clean up and assemble, the cheap chinese kit on the other hand was more detailed but was covered in mold ejection marks, flash and was generally a pain to clean up before assembly, also needed a hammer to get the drive wheels on their axel Also they seemed to have left off the bottom of the turret for some reason...

I don't mean under the middle bit, no kit has that covered, I had to make the disc there so I could shape the plastic to fill in the front and back of the turret ring and fill the visible voids around the barrel and the back end of the turret. Also the hull didn't line up too well and was too short, like the suspension had been lowered.

So I added extra to the hull at the front and back so the bottom and top sections would join up properly and the hulls of the 2 kits would match heights.

My issue is how to sci fi them up a bit and do they actually look any good next to the behemoth Khurasan APCs??? Makes me wish they made their medium and heavy tank in 28mm (that may take a while going by how long it took the APC to come out in 28mm) So I have ordered a somewhat more sci fi looking tank kit this week a Leopard 2 A5 in 1/48. I'll see how that looks with the APCs.

Lastly I've been cleaning up all the damn parts of the GW Valkyrie and the odd and ends from the hanger kits.

I hate cleaning off mold lines

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