September 20, 2013


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I spent some time opening one of my Vampire sets and poking at the bigger models. Sooooo many little plastic bags to remove.

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Can see the 2nd Vampire set in the next bucket. I opened up the monsters and put them with the 1st, not sure what to do with double of all the PC types yet.

People asked how is the quality? Generally speaking quite good. Almost impossible to clearly photograph though due to the white plastic.... In any case here are some standout models showing the finer detailed castings that caught my eye

 photo IMG_5481_zpse6fcebc6.jpg

 photo IMG_5480_zpsfe3e72f2.jpg

 photo IMG_5479_zps9e3951ef.jpg

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 photo IMG_5471_zps8da34e26.jpg

 photo IMG_5483_zps69018b8e.jpg

This last one is a cool giant that I never would have bought in metal due to his size.

Now here are some comparison photos alongside their metal versions

 photo IMG_5470_zpsd40d7964.jpg

 photo IMG_5474_zps83d7f72c.jpg

 photo IMG_5467_zps935c96dc.jpg

 photo IMG_5465_zps4e715675.jpg

You can see in this example that some of the detail seems a bit softer in the plastic but generally they are very comparable.

 photo IMG_5466_zpsf3fa2fbd.jpg

Now here is what I call my Good the OK and the Ugly:

 photo IMG_5457_zps77299fb8.jpg

In the second set the double of this gunslinger guy obviously got stuck in the mold or something cause his base and hat were very melted

 photo IMG_5459_zpsb699805c.jpg

Also had one guy missing his feet :O

 photo IMG_5453_zpsc3ea2836.jpg

And here are examples of the leaners:

 photo IMG_5449_zpsb5b52b57.jpg

 photo IMG_5450_zps461d9a25.jpg

I seperated them out as I was unbagging the minis. It's a common problem with prepaint and boardgame figures that you get a few that won't stand up or have bent weapons. I sorted all of these out together then fixed them by giving them a bath in hot water from the kettle in a bowl. Then pulled them out one at a time, straightened them up in their softened state and then put them under cold water to set them in the proper position. The same trick can be used on big anime and action figures since sometimes a hot day will make a character bend at the ankles. You can use a hair dryer or hot water to soften them up.

 photo IMG_5477_zps53926994.jpg

Another issue in only a handfull of figures is very thin limbs like this girls blurry thin hand. I only really noticed the problem on her and some skinny zombies.

After sorting through the hundreds of minis I only spotted these problems so Reaper has done a pretty good job. I'm getting replacements for a couple missing characters and the feetless and melted guy.


  1. Methinks the girl with the guitar owes a lot to Rodney Mathews?! Otherwise nice figures.


  2. I should have ordered that Cthulhu altar/fountain thing, it looks fun. Thanks for the very helpful post! These guys look like a real boon for gamers especially, people will probably use nicer figs for heroes and characters, but you can also fill your table with serfs, mooks and monsters for dozens rather than hundreds of dollars.