September 5, 2013

BONES has Arrived!!!

Was a pile of boxes from Japan and Ebay waiting for me today standing on top of the behemoth of boxes from Texas. YES my Bones has finally arrived :)

 photo IMG_5401_zps2b3e7de6.jpg

 photo IMG_5403_zps4d83986c.jpg

The colour guide unfortunately was stuck to the tape holding the box closed, oh well

 photo IMG_5404_zps7c782bfb.jpg

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, was wondering why I've been waiting since April

 photo IMG_5406_zpsb553a07b.jpg

That is a lot of stuff

 photo IMG_5407_zpsb090442b.jpg

trying to work out what they added as extra. I think they added the spider centaurs and the hydra...

 photo IMG_5408_zpsd2418171.jpg

Sorting through the rest is a job for the weekend I think. SOOOOOO MANY MINIS :O


  1. What is the physical quality of these figures like? I've heard things about the thin parts like blades etc. being "bendy" and so on, but I'm asking more about the detail level. Are they close to metal, or more indistinct like Clix figures? Thanks!

  2. Varies a bit from figure to figure. I can take some comparison photos of figs side by side with their metal versions for a few of them to compare. Generally I'd say they are a bit softer in detail. I would say they are about 80-90% the sharpness of their metal versions, so not bad. The bad issues tend to be more the ones that have suffered from mold shrinkage. It doesn't affect many but you can see that squashed depth effect on some.

    Speaking of clix detail it's annoying but most of the softness in detail is more due to the way they paint them. I've stripped back a few hero clix and the detail has been surprisingly sharp under the layers of thick paint.

    1. Yes, I stripped and repainted a Clix Batman once and it looked amazing.

      Anyway thanks for answering this question with photos in your newer post:)