October 12, 2008

Golden Demon Entries - Finished Ork

Well it's 10 to 2 and this is as finished as he's going to get

October 11, 2008

Golden Demon 2008 WIPs

Been painting all night, here's the occasional WIP pics

hard to see but I darkened the back of the base

Golden Demon 2008 WIPs

Now on to the Ork who is still a bit WIP but I think I will get finished tonight since I got all the fiddly armour and most of the skin out of the way. Still needs more highlights on the arms.

October 10, 2008

Golden Demon 2008 WIPs

Well I got the forgeworld pilot done, still working on trying to get the ork nob done in time, will have to see how he goes.

Obviously he's not my usual style, I've gone for pretty realistic WW2 British pilot colours which are pretty subdued, and tried a few different techniques in the skin and lighting.

October 9, 2008

MOAB 2008 on Display

Well here's the town as it appeared at MOAB

A fellow offered to buy the whole town :O

October 2, 2008

Lighthouse almost finished2

Coffee stirrer vs Paddlepop stick - note the difference Wink, someone asked what was the difference.

got all the railings done, now to stick on dirt and a all the boxes and barrels.

October 1, 2008

Lighthouse almost finished

Lots of work trying to get the lighthouse done for MOAB. I've painted most of it already then trimmed the railing supports and glued it together. For new railings I used coffee stirrers. Used the same for the upper railings. I've put a heap of random stuff around the base they still need detail painting and glueing on. The thing I'm undecided on so far is what to do with the base, should I do it as decking or just ground with sand and grass.

Progress on the Lighthouse

Yo ho me hearties, bit a progress on the light house, I've been a bit lazy model wise lately, bit too much Soul Calibur. Arrch and Paul back from holidays gave me a prod to get working again Laughing

August 8, 2008

More RGM, the Dragonborn progresses

Had some progress on the dragonborn on the weekend during our Sydney painting get together. Decided the metallic skin was a terrible look so overpainted all the skin with dark brown then started working up the face, went for a kinda golden look with some brownish grey horns.

I really should finish him off now but it's been cold and Soul Calibur IV has been calling for attention.

July 28, 2008

Wharehouse assembled

Got some work done on that little wharehouse, finally drybrushed all the wood parts and got around to tiling the roof, man it takes ages to do those tiles, either you have to take your time cutting long strips of tiles or in gluing on individual ones, either way it takes ages. I've gotten it base coated since I took the pics so just need to wait for it to dry then drybrush it.

Since I built a floor in there and made the roof removable I may as well put stuff in there so I've got some wooden crates in there.