August 29, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies - Cactus #1 review

I've been working on a lot of cowboys and designs for lasercut terrain to match lately and something I thought I really needed were cacti to set the scene. Options out there for in scale plant life are fairly limited apart from the regular trees so I was rather happy that the local LGS had a pack of the Pegasus Cactus in stock, there are 2 different sets one of large plants the other of lots and lots of smaller ones. They only had the large set in stock so I picked that up. I must say apart from the horrible 1st impression you get when you open the box and see what looks like yucky bendy green plastic. It turns out it's actually proper styrene not bendy plastic. Set #1 builds into 2 identical sets of 9 different sized castus of the flute and pricky pear variety. I think they scale perfectly with 28-30mm minis like these from Reaper and Dead Lands.

ULTRAXES Bling Ultramarines Dreadnaught - Finished

Sorry dear readers for the stupidly long delay but I kept forgetting to clean up the photos of the finished Dreadnought.