June 20, 2013

Khurasan Caimen Easter Egg

While going over my kits sanding here and there getting them ready for paint I noticed something odd. The large turret on the Caimen is probably the biggest diversion from the look of the Aliens APC appearing to be quite a different shape and covered in gribblies on top compared to the very simple movie version. What I noticed though was that most of those gribblies were actually the runners that should be on the rails running along the back of the APC.

 photo IMG_3184_zps62a83187.jpg

 photo IMG_3185_zpsf605036c.jpg

They had flipped the turret UPSIDE DOWN! I have no idea why they did this.

 photo IMG_3186_zps1479dac4.jpg

 photo IMG_3187_zps9b3a8b83.jpg

 photo aliens-apc-_zpsd44118ca.jpg

So what I did was cut off the tubes then sand the runner flat. Then use a razor saw to cut the peg off the other side then glue it to the runner.

 photo IMG_3188_zpsf87d623c.jpg

 photo IMG_3189_zps33b115ca.jpg

 photo IMG_3190_zps34cb106b.jpg

 photo IMG_3191_zpsa8bfe4ca.jpg

Here is the comparison of the 2 turrets before and after the mod.

 photo IMG_3192_zpsdceb3dc0.jpg

 photo IMG_3193_zps901a42c2.jpg

 photo IMG_3194_zps85c9e6e2.jpg

 photo IMG_3195_zpsd79aa5e2.jpg

 photo IMG_3196_zps799a76ed.jpg

 photo IMG_3197_zps68a61295.jpg

 photo IMG_3198_zps10eb7bf5.jpg

So what does everyone think? Improvement? Should I fix the 2nd one or have them different? Should I sand off that disc from the top of the turret?

June 13, 2013

New Board Games

I dropped by the Toy & Games Expo on the long weekend to see what was happening and try out some boardgame demos, also talk Nerf with a Sydney Nerf club thing that I wasn't expecting to be there at all. I didn't even know there was a Sydney Nerf Club thing, annoyingly I lost their card :(

Anyway I got to also try out some wargame demos like my friends demoing Malifaux and Hall of Heroes demoing a cowboy game which I totally forget the name of but have these amusing photos

 photo IMG_4796_zps3a3e5f28.jpg

 photo IMG_4797_zps066507f7.jpg

Like all expo/cons though you eventually loose control of your wallet and splurge on buying games you don't really need cause they were a bit discounted XD

It started with this odd choice

 photo IMG_3172_zps26f7fb7a.jpg

the shop guy took $5 off when I said I was tempted to use the monsters for a Malifaux dreamer crew.

 photo IMG_3173_zps9b82bb83.jpg

 photo IMG_3175_zps89e6bca3.jpg

I think they look very good and the paint jobs aren't terrible either, just need a bit of claw sharpening, rebasing and some touch up work. Question is do I use them as 4 teddies or some other mix of things?

 photo IMG_3178_zps301f4943.jpg

 photo IMG_3180_zps4e330d94.jpg

After the wallet was opened I talked the shop guy into a discount if I bought a bundle of stuff. I'd been kinda wanting Mice & Mystics for ages since a friend got it and I was so impressed with the minis and components  (sorry the photo is a bit blurry)

 photo IMG_3181_zpsca6bda34.jpg

Also got the City of Theives expansion....

 photo IMG_3182_zpsfb1ce5cf.jpg

the latest Time Line Diversity card game and...

 photo IMG_3183_zps2470b709.jpg

a game of Pirate Penguins, it's totally a kids game but I couldn't resist since it comes with a big ship and PIRATE PENGUINS was cheap. I can't really resist buying a game that has penguins that look like the ones I draw myself.

 photo IMG_0697_zpsc201bfd2.png
At least I didn't spend as much as Nick.

Khurasan Miniatures Caimen Heavy APC: AKA the APC from ALIENS

"All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Corps! A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps!"

Oh man awesome new goodies. When I 1st saw the Caimen on Dwartist's blog I was so damn excited to get one. Kinda annoying it took like another 8 months before I'd get to throw them some money and another month to get my hands on my own.
   photo IMG_3150_zps45835ce9.jpg

 photo IMG_3157_zps03083ba6.jpg

 photo IMG_3151_zpsdeaf4f6f.jpg

 photo IMG_3154_zpsb78e4e0b.jpg

 photo IMG_3148_zps0d49e41c.jpg

 photo IMG_3152_zps40fa4351.jpg

 photo IMG_3155_zps675190e1.jpg

 photo IMG_3156_zps5db6e52a.jpg

 photo IMG_3148_zps0d49e41c.jpg

 photo IMG_3167_zps2bdc426c.jpg

 photo IMG_3163_zps42f69ac5.jpg

 photo IMG_3164_zps2af5c13d.jpg

 photo IMG_3165_zpsb9f4d10c.jpg

You can kinda see I was excited to finally add an APC to my collection of old Grenadier, EM4, Copplestone and recent Hasslefree marines so I bought 2 instead of 1 and an extra one still in the box for my friend Andrew.  The likeness to the movie APC is great, not 100% of course but instantly recognizable.
Giving the kits the good once over and dry fit assembly they go together very well, except the front mini turrets (they're upside down in the photos) I'm going to either have to drill out the socket to make it bigger or file down the pegs on the turrets a fair bit to make them fit. Everything else slotted in fine. The casting was very good with not too much flash or bubbles. I was surprised to note a few of the bubbles on the underside had already been filled with putty and sanded back already.

I was a bit surprised the entire main body of the APC was one big cast. It's about the same width as a Space Marine Rhino but much longer. In scale it's much more Main Battle Tank sized than APC sized but it has no problems giving the impression that a whole squad would fit inside. The rest of the kit is the the 4 wheels with big solid pegs that just slot in easy, you would have to do a lot of converting if you want to pose the vehicle turning but it looks good with the wheels straight. I guess you could try and drill in axels but I'm not going to have them spinning. The Top turret slots into a socket up top at the front of the rail. You could probably convert it with a bunch of dremmelling to be in the stowed position on the back but it would not be easy. The side door slots onto a pair of rail grooves and can be put on open or closed. There is a bit of an inset doorway but no internal detail. Lastly the mini turret which as I said doesn't actually fit yet. Maybe magnets is the answer. [
Edit: Turns out getting the front mini turrets to fit was quite easy when I started cleaning the model, I just had to use a knife to trim the lip of the socket and it was fixed in just a minute.]

Hopefully the cleanup will be quick and painless so I can get to painting them.

 photo IMG_3159_zps04b23c0f.jpg

 photo IMG_3160_zps210ad764.jpg

 photo IMG_3162_zpsa7b2b21b.jpg

I also grabbed the much smaller Polecat Armoured Command/Utility vehicle. It looks like a futuristic armoured Humvee but with only 2 doors instead of 4. I think it goes well with the APCs. Similar to the APC it was one big cast for the body of the vehicle with 4 seperate wheels and a choice of 2 turrets, the pictured sensor array with minigun or an anti air missile launcher with 8 missiles. I like the look of the little boxy turret I have on now but I'll paint both and maybe put in magnets. Again the casting is quite good apart from a big bubble in the right hand rear tail light.

The kits are from here http://khurasanminiatures.tripod.com/28mmscifi.html