March 5, 2013

ACK ACK AAAACCCK ACKK ACK!!! - Mars Attacks Martians from Invaders from Outer Space - The Martian Game

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I'm a fan of old bad B movies and unlike most critics really liked the Mars Attacks movie so when I spotted the Flying Frog Invaders From Outer Space game I had to pester my friend to get it in on the next game order. To go along with it I also ordered a pair of Pegasus Scout UFOs. They serve no purpose in the game they just look cool. I might get some more.

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Here's all the minis from the game and the beautifully simple to assemble UFOs flanked by a couple of recently purchased Mars Attacks martian action figures by Mezco Toys. Surprisingly it was possible to clean off the mold lines from the minis bendy plastic without making a total mess of them using some sandpaper and diamond files.

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Ack Ack!

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I primed with Army Painter undead green and started with a soft tone wash on the faces. Gave a nice Martian skin tone, then I picked out the eyes in off white and dotted with red. Unfortunately there's no brain ridges on the minis. Technically I could freehand in highlights to look like brains but there's like 19 of the little buggers. For the armour colour I went for a stroll through my FLGS with an action figure in hand comparing greens till I found a close match without driving myself nuts mixing the colour. Closest match was GW Sybarite Green. Really should have airbrushed them all but did it the old fashioned way. Backpacks were then painted in red and then the guns, collars and tops of backpacks were painted gunmetal. My tiny bit of squad identification is through the gun tops, 9 have red the other 9 blue. The leader's power sword had me digging through old paints at the folks place to see if my fleuro paints still can be used. It got painted Fleuro orange.

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After the base coating I gave them a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone Wash.

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After letting the wash dry I went back in to clean up the armour with Sybarite Green and a bit of edge highlighting with a touch of white mixed into the green.

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The Zard Beast is still very in progress. After priming with zombie green I dusted him from above with white spray and started from that for my colour scheme. I'm shading him into Snakebite Leather in the face and arms and then into reds on the feet. Got the inspiration from a fellow painter showing me a beasty from Star Wars The Old Republic. Figured he could use a base too so I'll stick him to a 60mm rounded lip base.

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Lastly here's the UFOs which if you remove the seat from inside you can easily fit a based miniature inside.

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I've also started on the heroes of Earth from the game.... Carnies! those cabbage smelling, small handed freaks are the only hope to stop the Martian invasion !!!!

Here is the trick shooter who will probably get a different coloured dress and Jojo the dancing bear!