April 30, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore Painting Eyes

While my friend was painting Nyan Nyan he asked for a guide on how to do the eyes to match the way I'd done Candy which I'd basically used a Haruhi Nendoroid as a guide long ago. I drew him up a quick version on paper of how I recommend painting them.

I figured I'd improve on the drawing and take some pics while I was doing the eyes on the next hero. If you are wondering about that emphatic DO NOT OUTLINE bit, it's in regard to outlining the whole eye. Most people painting SDE do them like Western Cartoon characters with an outline all the way around and a small pupil. Anime eyes only have an outline at the top and the pupil is oval shaped and fills the eye top to bottom.

April 29, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore diorama display

My friend at Aetherworks wanted a display for his shop at Cancon so designed and lasercut this diorama from various thicknesses of MDF and a couple clear flames I drew up. I got the rush job of painting it.

The airbrushing was nice and easy but the texture wasn't deep enough to drybrush so I had to do the stone edging the hard and time consuming way by lining it by hand

Get to the Sci Fi Choppa!

Saw this at Kmart and thought it would look cool for Infinity or Relic Knights parked on a helipad. Could use some putty to fill the screw holes and a cool paint job.

The orange pod drops off and opens to launch a car

It has a base thingy too that connects to a bit of track

It's got a cool GI Joe sorta look to the canopy but in something roughly mini scale.

April 28, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore Miniboss Kasaro-to

I got Kasaro-To done a couple months ago while I was waiting on my Relic Knights Noh to restock at my local store. Was a good way to work out the colours to use.

I can't be the only person that got annoyed with his back banner. No matter how many times I heated it up to straighten it kept bending again so I gave up in the end and cut it off and puttied over where it came out.

Starting on Super Dungeon Explore

Hey all, my friends got me interested in SDE again with a couple games over New Years. With talk of the kickstarter new stuff and my backlog of the box game and the two main expansions plus the extra characters I got prodded enough to make a move on trying to paint some stuff. My initial go at SDE suffered from fatigue after going through all the effort to clean, assemble, putty and prime the main set. Now I'm having a more fresh go at them.

started with airbrushing the skin on the heroes so it'd be nice and smooth and the shading nice and subtle.

lots of preshading on the dragonlings, dragon and kobalds

bit of bling for Starfire's base. I rolled some green stuff into a roll, let it set overnight and then cut it into slices for coins then after painting the base and coins I added some plastic shiny gems for some extra sparkle.

April 27, 2015

All Zentraudi fully assembled & What does Robotech look like with Nscale Tomytec buildings

Yay all the pods are done Yatta! So many hours of cleaning all the guns and thrusters. Also marathoned through Robotech MACROSS Saga, MACROSS movie: Do you remember love and MACROSS Frontier and movies :) helped keep me building.

Now onto how do the mechs look next to the larger scale N scale buildings that my neighbour owns? answer really nice :)

April 18, 2015

Pods Pods Pods, Building Robotech Tactics

Been very busy building Robotech miniatures. So far I've built the Destroids which were an incredible pain to clean up and assemble but do look great and all the specialty pods for the Zentraudi and been busy trying to get all the regular ones standing. I still need to clean up all the seperate gun barrels for them and glue them on, then finally onto the stars of the show the Valkyries.

I was curious how they compared to 20 something years old Battletech versions of the same mecha. The new ones are the same height but considerable harder to assemble but also much nicer.