April 28, 2015

Starting on Super Dungeon Explore

Hey all, my friends got me interested in SDE again with a couple games over New Years. With talk of the kickstarter new stuff and my backlog of the box game and the two main expansions plus the extra characters I got prodded enough to make a move on trying to paint some stuff. My initial go at SDE suffered from fatigue after going through all the effort to clean, assemble, putty and prime the main set. Now I'm having a more fresh go at them.

started with airbrushing the skin on the heroes so it'd be nice and smooth and the shading nice and subtle.

lots of preshading on the dragonlings, dragon and kobalds

bit of bling for Starfire's base. I rolled some green stuff into a roll, let it set overnight and then cut it into slices for coins then after painting the base and coins I added some plastic shiny gems for some extra sparkle.

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