April 5, 2015

Noh Empire Part 8 - Who Let the Dogs Out!

Got my Hounds of Nozuki done, pretty much entirely airbrushed. I initially wanted to go from dark blue grey to light purple but the purple paint reacted badly with the airbrush thinner in the airbrush so I had to scrub them back and mixed a different brand of paint from a lot of white and touch of P3 purple to get the same colour. I ended up mixed a fair bit and sprayed Zineda, the hounds, the serpent priestess, the Riftling Rogue for SDE and the dragon and kobold spawn points.

The hounds were highlighted up to near white on the shoulders for the initial colour.

Next I airbrushed brown ink along the spines and tail tip and a bit underneath for shading. Then I mixed a bit of purple into the brown ink and painted squiggly tiger stripes.

I then painted the mouth and mandibles red and did a wash around the eyes. Also painted red stripes along the spine. After that the eyes got painted orange then dotted yellow. Also painted the nails to finish them off.

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