April 2, 2015

Noh Empire Part 4 - Everything based and primed

Very happy to say I have all my Noh finally cleaned up, assembled, modified where needed and based and primed

Zineda and the Serpent Priestess got cool laser engraved bases with summoning circles thanks to some cad work by me and the big laser at Aetherworks. They were cut from 3mm MDF then I roughed up the edges with a blade and some putty to match the cork sheet bases the rest of my force is on.

I said before I'd probably mod Zineda a bit and I did. I cut back her hair overlapping her face and pulled it back like on the other side sticking out then I puttied the back of the hair spikes so they'd blend into the rest of her hair. I also resculpted the back of her head so the hair would flow into the pony tail. Other bits to redo, lots of sanding back the raised patterns on her sleeves so they'd be more like a raised but still flat bit of embroidery instead of the big rounded pattern. I got rid of the bumps down the outside of the sleeve and the Noh logo which was illegible anyway. The collar got sanded back to smooth then I redid the edges on the shoulders and at the front, also redid the gems at the top of the scrolls and on the collar. I think I've managed to make her match the artwork lot more now.

Hmm sure I took a photo of the priestess before spraying, I'll add it if I find it. I added a bit of putty to her sides to bulk her out a bit more so she doesn't look match thin next to Zineda and Marikan To.

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