April 8, 2015

Kickstarters arriving all at once.

Within a week I've had arrive Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King (wave 1) then a couple days later Robotech RPG Tactics (wave 1) and finally at the start of the next week Zombicide series 3. My place is overrun with boxes (well even more so)

So here's the 1st loot post of stuff that arrived:

Nice new boxes, unlike the old SDE these are proper board game boxes not a flip top.

Very nice metal Princess Coin

Many new cards, these are just the conversion cards and ones for the extra war bands from the bonus stuff.

A couple of new Candy & Colas including a bad Candy and a couple more characters. All the small tokens at the front are the new 3D heart and potions tokens. I think these are a bit too small personally.

The new Trolls warband are very nice models but can't help feeling they have lost that chibi feeling along the way. 

The new pets though are adorable :)

Lots of new tokens to sort

I reused my old token box.

Some great art from the rulebook. Platypus soldiers!

Love this bit of art. It's also in the colouring book:

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