April 2, 2015

Noh Empire Part 3 - Lots of putty work

Bit of work on Marikan To, I assembled her and puttied up the shoulder joins then sanded them smooth before priming. To make painting her easier I cut off her left hand and the quiver at the wrist then put in a pin. It makes it a lot easier to paint all her skin without the quiver in the way then I'll glue it on later.

I've done her skin almost entirely with my airbrush starting with a Reaper pale purple and adding more and more white to the mix as I added more and more highlights.

also started on a Beastmaster. Again primed after puttying up the joins. I've left off the loin cloth armour panels since they don't need putty work and get in the way while painting. Really like this figure he has a heap of character.

Also been cleaning up a few more models

The Serpent Priestess is a model that I like the artwork more than the actual sculpt unfortunately. She is so ridiculously thin compared to Marikan To. She's so birdlike, I started by shortening her neck so it didn't look so odd. Then I decided to put her arm with the dagger in a trailing pose rather than the overarm stab, I sanded back a bit of the shoulder connection then glued it in position before puttying the gaps and sculpting in a new shoulder blade on the back since her arm was in that position. Then I decided to bulk out her standing leg. I flattened out a sheet of green stuff and wrapped it around the leg then spent a bunch of time smoothing it down and defining the leg. Lastly I worked on her head, filling in the gap between her headdress/hair and the back of her head. I guess on my one it's her hair since I joined it up and added in some texture to it. Also redid her nose a bit since it looked too tiny in a Grey alien kind of way.

Warlord Marmaro To is probably my favourite model in the Noh range but !SODA! was he a lot of work to get together. I had to do some carving to get his dagger into position and then I had to putty in a new rope belt over the top of it. The shoulder pad needed sculpting the back half of the edge where the parts joined. There was a lot of gaps all over the place in a lot of tight places so I was putting in green stuff before adding superglue and jamming the parts together then smoothing out the joins. Was many hours of work getting him assembled. Will get him primed after I create a base for him.

Finally got the starter set on the weekend so started cleaning those models. Bit disappointed with how rough the casting of Zineda. I cut her sleave away from her hip, I'd noticed how oddly sharp he hip looks in a lot of painted Zinedas so I wanted to sand it smoother to a more natural shape, also let me heat up and bend her arm away from her body a bit. That opens the pose a touch and will make it a lot easier to paint. I think I'll redo her collar a bit, definitely want to fix her hair so it looks like the art. Will shorten her feet a bit so they aren't so frog like. I know I need to fix her ribbon in one spot where it kinda disappears. I think I'll try and redo her headdress a bit too.


  1. Beautiful work, I like your redo and finish on these sculpts.
    I also have these laying around somewhere. But as I started out with the metal figures, I was a tad bit disappointed with how the plastic figures turned out. Luckily for you your sculpting skills are a lot better than mine. They look great, as they should have looked in the first place.

  2. Thanks. Yeah I've gotten a couple of the metal minis and the material just looses a lot of nice surface detail in the sculpts.