April 6, 2015

Noh Empire Part 13 - Marika-to, Beastmaster and Render's glowy gun

More finished Noh, 1st up the Beastmaster

next up the Render. I did a bit of converting on this guy changing the barrel on his gun to something a bit bigger and the piping out the back to some insulating tubing with couplings made of plastic card. Had a bit of fun doing the green glows on the gun. Probably should have just airbrushed the glows but did it by hand mixing the green into the base colour of the gun to give that diffused glow look with pure green on the edges around the lights. I had the idea to make the gun look more hightech by doing it in greys like Yoko's gun instead of metallics. I think it makes it pop out more from the lower tech looking plate armour he's wearing and it surely made blending the glows easier.

Next Marikan-to she was a lot of work painting her in pieces but really happy with how she turned out in the end all put together.

1 comment:

  1. You catch the anime style amazingly well with your painting.
    You even inspire me to paint mine, even though I can never match your skills. Great job!