October 31, 2010

40K Missionary

Good old Golden Demons last minute rush painting entries. Mostly done in the week leading up to entry weekend with the good old almost no sleep on the last right going through DVDs of seasons of Black Adder this time around.

WIP shots

Artizan Cowboys

Was curious about the Artizan wild west range so picked a couple packs of guys on foot and on horse. They're unsurprisingly a bit small compared to the gigantic Dead Lands and generally tall Malifaux minis that I've collected so far. So to make them fit in a bit better I put a bit of plastic card under their cast on bases and then smoothed out the bases with plaster filler.

Old West General Store

This is my 1st paint up on a small building that I designed for Aetherworks, they went on sale at MOAB recently but I didn't have time to get any painted till now. The gear on the porch is all from Hirst Arts.

and here are some WIP shots. I did the fades colouring by starting with a very pale green mix then progressively darkened it with Thraka Green wash then darkened and dirtied with Devlin Mud and Black Wash. Then all the plank lines traced with green then black washes followed by a drybrush of off white. The wooden parts were all drybrushed up from a dark brown to progressively lighter tans.

October 6, 2010

The Dwead Piwate Wuppwecht

I painted up this little fellow for the MOAB painting competition the night before, he was a fun little guy with a great face to work on.

He took 2nd place in single figure. My crashed wagon took 1st place in terrain piece/ diorama and my ork boss took 1st and best of show in monster.

September 4, 2010

Wrecked Wagon Painted

The wagon after a well aged paintjob. Basically lots and lots of drybrushing and a bit of Devlin Mud and Badab Black.

Wrecked Wagon WIP

Bit of messing around with a wagon kit and some cast boxes and sacks and stuff from Hirst Arts and throw in one of those cacti from Pegasus. Plus a helpful dash of slate and gravel and a dud burn DVD.

Something handy for the painter with too many WIPs

I picked this up last weekend while having a look at Ikea for cabinets and found it in the kitchen department, I instantly thought of how handy it would be to put minis in, also it has the benefit of being stackable so I may buy some more later. I could see it being quite useful for putting unit trays in for transport if the minis are held in with magnets. Me I just have too many works in progress all the time so it's a good way to get them out of the way.

August 29, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies - Cactus #1 review

I've been working on a lot of cowboys and designs for lasercut terrain to match lately and something I thought I really needed were cacti to set the scene. Options out there for in scale plant life are fairly limited apart from the regular trees so I was rather happy that the local LGS had a pack of the Pegasus Cactus in stock, there are 2 different sets one of large plants the other of lots and lots of smaller ones. They only had the large set in stock so I picked that up. I must say apart from the horrible 1st impression you get when you open the box and see what looks like yucky bendy green plastic. It turns out it's actually proper styrene not bendy plastic. Set #1 builds into 2 identical sets of 9 different sized castus of the flute and pricky pear variety. I think they scale perfectly with 28-30mm minis like these from Reaper and Dead Lands.

ULTRAXES Bling Ultramarines Dreadnaught - Finished

Sorry dear readers for the stupidly long delay but I kept forgetting to clean up the photos of the finished Dreadnought.

July 3, 2010

Lotsa Cowboys, and gals

Had a painting day at my gaming club and got some work done on all the bases and the Gatling Gun and one of the Death Marshalls with a new go at the duster coat, I wasn't liking the medium brown. The lighter tones mostly using colours from the P3 mercenary set.