July 19, 2015

Dice for the dice God

Been meaning to design a dice roller forever, finally got around to making one for sale. For my own one I wanted to go beyond just MDF and pimp it out properly cutting some icons to go with it plus covering all the ramps and tray with felt.

The Khorne icon I etched from an old jpg then carved into it to clean up after priming. Then painted all red. Then a red wash. After that was left to dry I painted in the details in white then did a lighter red on top. This made these bits pop. Then a few hrs of blending, a touch of orange, a bit of white. Then some dark tone painted in to add shadow to the eyes and mouths and stuff. Finally I painted around the icon with black then a coat of blighted gold followed by brilliant gold.

A sensible person would have etched the map of earth on the circle. Me I looked at a NASA photo and freehanded it all instead after painting the globe through shades of blue starting at sky blue and working to dark. Pretty happy with the results and the clouds hide the crimes :) then I painted black around the teeth and Earth before adding the ring with arrows as a seperate piece. 

After lining the ramps and tray with red felt I sprayed the inside sides red to match then assembled. Still needs another coat of black on the outside to get a richer black but it already looks pretty sweet and sounds great with the felt lining.