February 11, 2013

Garrus Vakarian Play Arts Kai repaint finished

The repaint on Garrus went rather easily. I worked through several highlights then worked in shading using Army Painter Dark Tone (the new Devlin Mud) to define his facial features and the horns from the face plates. A good wash over his neck and plates on the back too. Then the tricky bit of smoothing it all out then adding in the tattoos. Considering the ease of finding reference it wasn't too hard. I'm just unsure if he should have been more warm toned, pics range from very tan coloured to almost white grey. I kept him grey but tried to keep it at the warm side using Menoth highlight rather than straight white.

 photo IMG_1367_zpse42735d5.jpg

 photo IMG_4449_zps6e2dc0fa.jpg

 photo IMG_1369_zpsb278a033.jpg

 photo IMG_1371_zpsc4081fcd.jpg

 photo IMG_1373_zps0d8aaef5.jpg

 photo IMG_1380_zpse3c4540f.jpg

 photo IMG_1379_zps82fe2eb1.jpg

 photo IMG_1376_zpsd03608c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1378_zps47c3900e.jpg

 photo IMG_1377_zps952cf86d.jpg

and here he is back together and looking pretty good

 photo IMG_1387_zps8944e7ae.jpg

 photo IMG_1383_zpsf8c64407.jpg

 photo IMG_1391_zps4129ba61.jpg

 photo IMG_1384_zps9b0368f5.jpg

 photo IMG_1385_zps7bf66376.jpg

February 8, 2013

Mass Effect Play Arts Kai repaint - WIP

About a month ago I picked up the Play Arts Kai version of Garrus from Mass Effect 3, the guy was such a constant through the series along with Tali and Liarra that I caved and had to get the huge figure. Since he's the tallest of the characters I figured he'd be close enough in scale to go with my Bishoujo Liara and upcoming figure of Fem Shepard. The sculpt is great but the 1st wave of figures kinda suffered from pretty bad paint jobs particularly in the face area, you know the 1st place you notice.

you can see his face has basically been drybrushed grey over black. The rest of him looks fine but standing next to my much better painted Bishoujo Liara it bugged me every time I looked at him.

In comparison Bioware recently announced this bust of Garrus

The colouring is much softer and lighter on the face, which made me pull the trigger and have a go at repainting mine.

Step one was the worrying move of pulling his head off! I probably should have heated up the pvc to soften it but with a bit of effort I got it off. Then came lots of sanding, more sanding and scrubbing with a steal brush to get off the thick sloppy paint job, smooth out his pockmarked skin and to make his hair/spikey things a bit pointier at the back.

 photo IMG_1301_zps3ca33d9f.jpg

 photo IMG_1302_zpseb7bb2c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1303_zps4961f6cf.jpg

 photo IMG_1298_zps41d5c772.jpg

 photo IMG_1297_zpsb86408cd.jpg

looks pretty rough after the scrub huh

 photo IMG_4440_zpsc04eeb89.jpg

 photo IMG_4439_zps6e769f4d.jpg

this is after the 1st base coat. Lots of work to go

Hey Shaggy NEW LOOTS!

I succumbed to Hasslefree's Snowed In sale and finally bought myself their Scooby Gangs that I've been wanting since I bought Betrayal at House on the Hill. So I got the regular version

 photo IMG_4437_zps48997aec.jpg

and the all tooled up zombie hunter versions as well. I really have to get a couple copies of Armorcast van now, one normal and one post apoc.

 photo IMG_4434_zpsf449eeef.jpg

I also took the opportunity to grab some resins that they stock such as the Borderlands loot crates and a rather small Tardis that looks a bit warped  :(

 photo IMG_4432_zps3584ae2c.jpg

I also got the rather nice version of Ebob's Good and the Ugly plus a donkey to go with my cowboys collection

 photo IMG_4429_zpsab98d964.jpg

and I totally forgot I even ordered the RAFM versions of Hit Girl and Big Daddy from Kick Ass, now I regret not getting Kick Ass himself from Hasslefree, oh well next time.

 photo IMG_4431_zpsc0609adc.jpg

oh and just to prove I am painting stuff, this lot is all on the table being worked on a bit at a time

 photo IMG_4271_zpsebca9582.jpg

I did the skin basing and wash on all of them together.