October 26, 2011

More Terrain

I finally got the big ruined tower and warhammer fences done.


I spent way too much time on these fences but I'm happy with how they turned out so guess it was worth it.





The tower went from generic grey to funky browns and rust and green weathering all over the place, then I went nuts with grass growing out of all the nooks and crannies around the base of it, I think it's turned out as a really interesting piece despite all the stupid skulls everywhere.

And now more WIP shots


I kinda wonder if I should have left them like this and not added flock to the bases, oh well too late now.








swarming with Guild

I'm Famous (uncredited)

Browsing through the Reaper website for new releases and was looking through the box sets. They finally put my Abyst on the box that they used to use in the catalog.


October 25, 2011

Rushed Army on Parade board

At the last minute I managed to get a ticket to games day from a very generous fellow OzPainter and after a poke from Numbat I got it in my head to rush an army on parade board to try for a wild card entry into the comp. I started with a big sheet of 12mm MDF from Bunnings which I had cut into 2 60cm x 60cm boards.

I already had a bunch of GW terrain mostly done from recent efforts so figured I had enough to fill a board.

that was the basic layout guestimated and traced onto the board. I surrounded the terrain bits with slate then covered the board with sand and stuff.

many hours of painting and drybrushing later

few orky baracade sections after rusting up and a metallic drybrush, they add a nice amount of detail, still have to pick out all the skulls and skellies and stuff

rusty spiky columns

getting there, still a lot of skulls to pick out and a heap of grass to add.

so many skulls and skeletons

after all the grass flock

Here's the board on the day. Unfortunately I stayed up way too late getting the board done and didn't make it in time to get enough votes. Oh well.

October 14, 2011

Post Games Day & MOAB loot

I totally forgot to post about Games Day and MOAB this year. At the very last minute a generous fellow from OzPainters gave me a spare ticket to Games Day so I got it into my head to try and rush an Armies on Parade board. On one hand it was a stirring of inspiration I haven't had all year for GW stuff on the other hand it was madness to try and rush it in one day. I'll post up pics of the board in the next post. In the mean time here's my loot from the weekend. I was a lot more reserved in my spending than most years (damn mortgage)I also had Dreadfleet ordered from mailorder (wish I'd bought it at MOAB instead).

If you are wondering about the White Dwarf in the back I got it signed by the Perry Twins

that's them with my Wax 5 (it now has magical powers of sculpting)

October 9, 2011

Water tower painted and work on town buildings

Amongst doing some work on my town buildings I got the water tower painted. Basically a heap of drybrushing and some washes over the metal areas. Quite happy with the results.

The buildings are from www.aetherworks.com.au if you are curious.