August 16, 2014

Imperial Transport - converted Gundam model kit #2

The beast is painted. Lots of airbrushing, then lots of drybrushing then a bit of washes and detailing.

And now somewhere between Bespin and the Core worlds...


The Rebellion makes off with that valuable Tibana gas

I'm a bit undecided if it also needs some brand labelling in Aurabesh on the tanks. Anyone have a good idea for a logo to put on it?

August 14, 2014

Imperial Transport - converted Gundam model kit #1

Hi again. The latest starship off my cutting mat shipyards is this Tibana gas heavy transport. A ship I've had sitting around unpainted for a while since it caught my eye while I was shopping new anime figures.

It's meant to be some weird rocket booster ship for a Gundam but something about the shape appealed to me especially after I saw the big fuel tanks that clip underneath. I thought they'd look cool on top instead. Of course I had no idea at all how big the ship would be so it was a bit of a gamble.

So as you can see I was working on this big guy while I was doing the armored YT-1300. It got the same treatment for surface detail. Lots of scribing in lines where I could fit a ruler to scribe against then lots of random plastic sheet bits and rod and bits of tubing. Also I had to make a round mounting socket for an acrylic base.