May 29, 2015

Primed Choppers

After filling all the screw holes on the Hotwheels chopper I got around to priming it this week along with this cool anime gunship. They actually look really good together. Could both look sweet parked on an airfield. 

Sitting on the cargo pod launch base (the pod is meant to launch a Hoywheels car onto a track)

May 18, 2015

The Chopper filling the screw holes

Wasn't sure how hard or easy it would be to fill the very prominent screw holes in the hotwheel a chopper I posted a couple weeks ago. Jammed in some alfoil first to fill them a bit then jammed in green stuff. Took a few hours of pressing it flush, then cutting it back then sanding then some Tamiya putty before more sanding. Then gluing on some new rivets where they never were or got sanded off in the smoothing. Will hit it with some primer tomorrow. No idea what colour to paint it yet though.