October 28, 2013

Crashed Aquila Shuttle - Bit of Airbrush practice

I'm still busy cleaning up all the troops but it's high time I painted something. I picked up a new double action airbrush at the recent MOAB convention for ridiculously cheap and scored a 2nd LEG Power Loader !!!

Using some Tamiya paints that I figured were suitable for the Dropship and APCs I thought I should have a practice run on something so attacked the crashed Aquila shuttle that I had picked up off ebay. If the colours look good I can go ahead on the Valkyrie and APCs if not I can buy some new colours.

I couldn't really do any preshading since the model was already primed black when I got it so I went straight over that with XF-62 Olive Drab then lighter with XF-67 NATO Green then highlight with a mix of NATO Green and XF-49 Khaki since Khaki by itself looked too brownish. The engine bits I used Model Air Steel. Also added a bit of heavy shading with Model Air Black.

After that I went in with brushs and drybrushed everything with a lighter mix of off white mixed with a touch of NATO green and some Khaki. Then lots of lining edges with Steel and drybrushing areas I figured should be well banged up. Then drybrushed all the dirt areas with a couple different greys working up to a bit of whitish grey then lots of Army Painter Dark Wash wherever needed to bring the shapes out and to give some good depth to the Steel areas.

The windows got painted a very dark brown then edged a bit with white then had several coats of gloss and Tamiya Smoke painted over them to make them look shiny and a bit translucent even if they aren't.

Oh and lastly I had a mess around with some Secret Weapon brown weathering powder I picked up along with the airbrush. Never tried the stuff before so messed a round a bit making some areas look very rusty.

Think it turned out alright. The flash made it look a bit lighter than in real life though but brought out the shading nicely. Now I really need to get the interior to the valkyrie painted so I can assemble the damn thing.

October 5, 2013

New Kickstarters worth watching

After getting a successful kickstarter delivered and pledge managers sorted for Warmachine Tactics and Kaosball there are of course new ones right around the corner too hard to let the bank account recover and ignore.

Not sure how great an investment this one is but the original artwork that this design is based on has been in my Deviantart favourites for ages. I like the Machinen Krieger look.

Next the much anticipated (by me anyway) Mars Attacks game that I watched the timer tick down to zero then had to wait six hours to start so missed most of the early bird pledges :( Oh well it's full of martians and green army men.

Last and sure as hell not least:

Dear god look at all that stuff and then there are the addons:

At least I got into the 3rd wave for this round so I won't be amongst the last 100 to get mine like last time. But my wallet sure could use a break and I haven't even thought about painting any of my 1st Bones.