August 15, 2011

New Terrain - so much grey

I know it's been months since my last update. I've been rather annoyed at GW and their retarded handling of our local market. Basically the Australian dollar has gone up a lot over the last year, so that buying from overseas has basically been 1/2 the local price. So rather than encourage local sales by redressing the prices they instead went the greedy arsehole route instead and put an embargo on UK and US retailers from sending to the Southern Hemisphere. They also about the same time changed metal minis over to the new fragile finecast resin and raised prices 20% as well. So basically if I were to buy any more of their product it would cost 240% what it used to.

So this lot here was my last UK order before the gate closed possibly forever on me buying their product. I bought a bunch of their nice generic friendly terrain kits that I can use for Malifaux and Warmachine. The Ruins of Osgiliath LOTR terrain kit I had purchased one of before so got a 2nd. Their warhammer fences kit and trees kits are both very good and not overladen with skulls. The stonehenge like skull altar however has lots and the ruined skull temple has even more, I figured it would make a nice display base for my old World Eaters army.

While I was painting these I dug out some other kits that needed attention, the ruined round wizard tower that came out several months ago. Lastly a real oldy the tower from the Battle Masters game.

As you can see there was a lot of putty work in cleaning up the joins on these kits

This shot shows rather nicely the dramatic difference a few layers of drybrushing makes. I started painting them by priming with black mat spray then a 1st very heavy drybrush of charcoal grey followed by the medium grey on the right and lastly a very light grey. I may follow this up with some light white touches on the edges later.

Have to say these all paint up really nicely and pretty easily. I had the help of the lovely assistant Hanna at the gaming club to knock the last colour of drybrushing out. Next step will be to do all the wood parts and pick out details and add some dirt.

While I was knocking these out the club was also finally getting some progress on some home made Mordheim terrain they'd had in the back for ages.

Oh if anyone was curious about the figure it's a Nendoroid Petite of Lucky Star's Konata cosplaying as Saber from Fate Stay Night. The other reason I haven't painted anything in ages is I got seriously hooked on buying anime figures :D