March 27, 2010

Death Marshall meetup

Fellow Sydney painter Numbat dropped by during the week for some Rock Band and Band Hero and also brought along his WIP Death Marshalls crew for a meet up with mine. I fished out some plaster buildings I never seem to get around to finishing and we took some photos.

March 22, 2010

Lady Justice and her Judge WIPs

Had a painting day at the gaming club got a lot done and got the Judge mostly done with just a bit more finishing done tonight. Pretty happy with the results, he mostly follows the studio paint scheme with the light coat and blonde hair but I decided to try giving him Ghost's face mask on his bandana from Modern Warfare 2, I'm pretty happy with the result. Also got a fair bit of work done on Lady Justice with that mass of red hair done in a bunch of concecutive washes of orange then orange ink then red ink then sepia then red mixed with devlin mud and finally some highlights in yellow on top.

and here's the Judge with Lady Hammerstrike

March 18, 2010

WIP Lady Justice's Crew

Little progress in the Wyrd crew, I know it's odd I finished the bases before the figs but drybrushing is messy so though I'd get that out of the way 1st.

March 15, 2010

Bit of sculpting

Continuing with the preparing of Malefaux minis I did some work on the big nephalim. He's an interesting demon but I disliked his lack of a neck and hunched head between the shoulders so did some snipping and lot of sculpting to fill in the new neck, upper chest and hair over the top. Wavy hair is quite a challenge to sculpt I must say.

I also did some work on adding some modesty to Brigitte the naugty french maid from Reaper

March 13, 2010

Lady Justice and her crew of Death Marshalls

Been meaning to get to these for months but major procrastination on my part. Had them cleaned up ages ago but had to do the fiddling pinning and assembling plus they needed some creative basework to get the marshalls set at interesting angles and to not look like midgets next to Lady Justice, she really is way taller than she should be. I bent her legs a bit too to get her a little closer to the artwork stance.

March 9, 2010

Ork Boss - con't some more

More Ork boss

Got to be creative with the weathering on the banner, the bright yellow gave lots of contrast to the rust, streaks and chips.

now it's kind of obvious that I spent a hell of an all nighter from here on cause he's finished in the next bunch of pics.

well that's a full turnaround now for close ups

and finally a shot next to the Ork Nob that took Bronze the year before

March 8, 2010

Ork Warboss - con't

I really should have posted the rest of these pics months ago, guess in the post GD burnout I just forgot, or didn't want to think about it. Anyway here is how he turned out.

here I've made a display base using cork sheet, plaster casts from link stonework molds and some coffee stirrers for floorboards.

I painted the grot 1st up then pinned him down.

I stained the floorboards with GW washes and also painted the bricks with the washes as well after giving them a few drybrushes up from grey to white. Quite happy with the red brick effect I got doing it this way.

Here's the big guy's head, figured it was best to paint seperately so I could still paint the rest of the body without it in the way.