March 9, 2010

Ork Boss - con't some more

More Ork boss

Got to be creative with the weathering on the banner, the bright yellow gave lots of contrast to the rust, streaks and chips.

now it's kind of obvious that I spent a hell of an all nighter from here on cause he's finished in the next bunch of pics.

well that's a full turnaround now for close ups

and finally a shot next to the Ork Nob that took Bronze the year before


  1. Gorgeous work as always, Rob. Been cruising through your blog since I found it. Great Pirate Town you got there.

    Question: the rust on the banner of this Ork Warboss. Did you first paint the rusted metal underneath, then did you dapple it with a masking medium and then paint on the yellow?

  2. No that method sounds like way too much work. The front was painted yellow over a white prime then shaded and highlighted before adding on the rust areas and stains over the top. The back was painted black then stippled with some good rusty browns then lightly drybrushed with chainmail.

  3. So you just hand painted in the rust bits. Nice. It is a beautiful mini. Thanks for posting.